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We are expanding online

We are expanding online

KRUG has over the past few years been able to establish a real solid store in the heart of Split, Croatia. The 4 designers standing behind Designer Store KRUG are either family or very close friends. They design sustainable fashion with a high focus on fair trade and slow fashion. They also use natural materials where ever they can. It is extremely important to them that they can deliver quality pieces to you and at the same time not doing any more harm to the environment than it has already been exposed to.

We care for the environment and slow fashion is one of our contributions to a more sustainable fashion industry. Do you want to know more about the effect of fast fashion?

The designers solely create limited editions so that they only manufacture to the current demand on the market. They design and manufacture everything by themselves in Split but if they need some extra help they pay their workers well according to the Croatian law.

They had a talk a few years back, decided to get together, not just as friends but also as business partners, since each one of them were bringing something interesting to the table. They decided to open a store with their individual brands, Little Wonder, Chicks on Chic and Dott., but under the common brand name KRUG and how creative this was! The meaning of the word "krug" is circle, the interpretation of it being friends coming together, working together and creating something as a team. Read more about the individual designer.

They have had lots of positive promotion in Croatia but also abroad. Their work can be found at all important fashion events and exhibitions in Croatia, such as Dan D, Zona 45, Artomat and Velesajamkulture. The brand Little Wonder has been featured on the cover of Croatian Grazia and Diva magazines and on the pages of British Vogue, Croatian Elle and Australian Women's Health.

It is now time for a new chapter and exciting opportunities for KRUG and the 4 designers standing behind the brand.

They teamed up with me (Anne Cathrine Lind Ceni, you will hear a lot more from me if you decide to stay tuned), and we have been working on the online store of KRUG for quiet a while now, finally ready to introduce the online store featuring all 4 designers under the same brand name KRUG. I will deliver all content for this platform, while the very talented designers will deliver what they are best at; their wonderful sustainable collections, whether it being jewellery or clothes.

Dott. and Little Wonder spring/summer 2017

Little Wonder spring/summer 2017

I am so proud to say that I work with these ladies and I am sure that they will keep being as successful as they are now, if not even more.

We hope that you will welcome us into your world and let us share not only our collections with you but also our take on the sustainable fashion world, new trends from the fashion scene and news, that being both in our retail world and our online world.

Thank you!


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