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Mother’s Day gift

Mother’s Day gift

Do you want to find the perfect Mother’s Day gift, but just haven’t found it yet? We hope that we can help you in the right direction and maybe you even find the perfect gift right here on our store.

Maybe you are the husband of the mother, your children are still too young to go buy a gift themselves, or maybe you are a sweet and caring child, who wants to give your mom the best Mother’s Day gift ever. Whatever your relationship is to this lucky woman, we will give you our guide to the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

But let's just start off by determine where this tradition come from? England was actually one of the first countries to take a day out of the calendar to celebrate mothers. In the eighteenth century, many people were working as household servants for the rich and didn’t see their families as much as they would want to. “Mothering Sunday” was therefore reserved for them to return home to be with their mothers. The tradition was however put on hold for a while when the Industrial Revolution changed the working and living patterns of the people but came back again – just like fashion trends – in the twentieth century and has stayed a tradition ever since.

Some follow the tradition of serving their mothers breakfast in bed, others give their mothers gifts, which they have made themselves or bought in a store. Don’t forget the red carnations, which are the official Mother’s Day flower.

The red carnations would probably not be a surprise but they are a safe choice and all mother's would appreciate them. If you want to do something exceptional and no at all expected you could go for a statement jewellery. Little Wonder has something for every style and personality. We know our mother's and what they would go for in a jewellery and we are ready to share this knowledge with you. 

The Norma necklace is the no. 1 favourite among our mother's. Maybe it would be something for your mother as well?

The geometrical Norma necklace was inspired by constellation Norma and the hidden lines between the stars. The meaning of its name is ”normal”, which refers to a right angle representing either a level, a set square, a rule, or a carpenter’s square. It's the perfect Mother's Day gift because it's a piece full of stories hidden in the lines just as your relationship probably has a ton of stories, of which some are stories to tell and others will stay hidden in the lines.

Gold edition rutilated quartz: made of hand-cut, hand polished and galvanized brass and rutilated quartz.

A handcuff bracelet is also a great gift for mother's Day. It can be combined with a lot of different styles and it can even be mixed and matched with all of the other Little Wonder bracelets.

The no. 1 edition of the handcuff pattern bracelet is made of African batik cotton with galvanized metal components and leather tassel.

The no. 1 edition of the handcuff pattern bracelet is made of African batik cotton with galvanized metal components and leather tassel.


The no. 12 edition of the handcuff bracelet is made of cognac brown leather with galvanized metal components and aventurine.

Handcuff bracelet no. 12 by Little Wonder

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