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Little Wonder

Amber necklace jade

Amber necklace jade

This striking piece of jewellery was inspired by an unpolished amber, which in it self holds a whole lot of personality. The amber is actually fossilized tree resin and has been appreciated for it's color and natural beauty for ages. It is a stone full of variety since it is not only used as jewellery but also as an ingredient in perfumes and as a healing agent in folk medicine.  

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-Silver plated metal components
-Raw amber&Jade
-Made in Croatia

Care guide

-Store your jewelry in dry area; jewelry box or pouch
-Remove your jewelry during certain activities such as cleaning, swimming and exercising
-Avoid letting your jewelry come into contact with harsh household chemicals like hairspray and chlorine
-Storing your pieces individually in soft pouches can help to avoid scuffs and scratches as well
-For more details read our jewlery care guide

Production & shipping

-Please allow 1-2 weeks for production before shipping
-We are here for any special requests or if you need your order sooner contact us via mail
- Free shipping for all domestic orders (Croatia)
- Shipping within Europe 10 €
-Shipping outside of Europe 15 €

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