KRUG store in Split - Croatia. Sustainable design from store to our pieces.

The spirit of KRUG lives on in new surroundings

Since the very beginning of KRUG in 2013, it has been very important to keep the store, as well as all our designer pieces, as authentic, natural and sustainable as possible. We recently gave the store a makeover, and not only did we keep it as authentic, natural and sustainable as possible with wood from the local area, but we also made everything ourself.

Renovation of KRUG store in Split with natural, local materials and all handmade

Our goal was to update the interior but still maintain the general feeling of KRUG. All furniture in our store is therefore kept in wood in combination with white as the main colour, pink and red elements, and the material brass.

All natural materials in our KRUG store in Split Croatia

We have used wood and brass in our renovation of our KRUG store in Split

All furniture in our store is handmade by ourself with local materials

"Krug, which is a Croatian word for “circle”, represents a whole, a circle of friends and a circle of good ideas." Working from the idea of a circle of friends, we had Šime (husband of designer Selma Štrkljević Mravak) make every piece of furniture by hand because it is extremely important to us that we keep the authentic vibe and feeling in the store.

All furniture in our store are handmade by ourself

In our renovation of the store we have mainly used wood and brass

The store is located within the Diocletian Palace in a space decorated with Romanesque arches and walls dated all the way back in Classical Antiquity. The main change that was made to the interior is the modular wall in the first room you enter when visiting the store. For this part of the store we wanted to be more playful and therefore we use it for exhibiting items like postcards, jewellery, illustrations, backpacks, t-shirts etc.

A playful area of our KRUG store in the heart of Split

KRUG collaborates with some talented Croatian designers and you can buy the pieces in the store

Postcards in KRUG Designer store in Split Croatia

KRUG collaborates with Croatian artists. You can for example buy these unique t-shirts in our store.

In the romantic arc in the second room, which is a more luxurious room, we hang a huge mirror, which make the room appear much bigger, but it also gives it a majestic effect.

The huge mirror gives the room a majestic look in our designer store KRUG

We used old coffee tables from the 80's with glass and mirrors, which we refreshed with black paint. 

We used old coffee tables from the 80's and painted them black

The choice to give our store a makeover was not an easy one since everybody loved our old look and decor. However, we had a vision, went through with it and we continue to get compliments from tourists and also locals for the new look.

Renovating our designer store KRUG in the heart of Split Croatia

We believe one must evolve so we are always trying to make the best possible atmosphere in the store and also through our designs in order to bring our dear customers everything they want.

Sustainable designer pieces from KRUG

Buy sustainable designer pieces in our store in Split or online on our web shop

Although the store has gotten a makeover, we still love spending time with our customers, teach them about our collections, share inspirations and at the same time, we also learn from our customers.

Last, but not least, we would like to give some credit to the prominent Croatian painter Jelena Bando and graphic designer Martin Peranović, who created the new illustrations for our advertisement and labels.

Photo credit: Glorija Lizde.

We hope to see you soon in our store. 


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