KRUG Store

Designer store Krug was founded in July 2013 in Split, Croatia.

"Krug, which is a Croatian word for “circle”, represents a whole, a circle of friends and a circle of good ideas."

Krug is comprised of renown Croatian brands Chicks on Chic and Little Wonder, and behind them stand two sisters Emina Štrkljević and Selma Štrkljević Mravak. Just like that most perfect geometrical shape, like that one line representing the infinity of all things and like the one that is in itself a separate, self-contained unit, the Designer Store Krug sprung to life.

"This is a heart-warming story about family and friends."

In Split, in the heart of the old town, at the address Nepotova 1, lives one small, peculiar store full of soul. It was founded by friends and designers Margita Videtić, Katarina Bilan and sisters Štrkljević and from 2021 is run by sisters Štrkljević. It was founded in order for the four designers to present their work to their local and foreign clients in the best possible manner. In this heart-warming story about family and friends they spend their days in this wonderful space within the Diocletian Palace, they spend time with their clients, teach them about their collections, share inspirations and at the same time, they also learn from their own clients.

The interior of the store is a separate story in itself. The store is located in a space decorated with Romanesque arches and walls dated all the way back in Classical Antiquity. However, in this Classical and Medieval space one can also find the olive wood originating from the family olive groves and each piece of furniture has been handmade. It is exactly this specific environment that provides a feeling of a gallery to the store, and inside of it the collections of the designers can come to life in the best possible manner.

Every year the designers collaborate with young Croatian artists, therefore, in addition to the original brands, here you can also find the works of other Croatian designers and artists. Thus, in addition to fashion design, in Krug you can also find illustrations, photographs and handmade pottery.

DOTT. and Little Wonder Little Wonder and Chicks on Chick
Chicks on Chick and Little Wonder Chicks on Chick and Little Wonder


Chicks on Chick and Little Wonder Chicks on Chick and Little Wonder


Chicks on Chick and Little Wonder