How we practise sustainability

KRUG and sustainability

KRUG and sustainability

You can have the best intentions wanting to make our world a better place, but it can seem so overwhelming, and of course no single person can make a big difference all by itself. We have to stick together as a team, and we need to have the same goal in mind.

Our passion is within the fashion industry, which unfortunately has a huge negative impact on the environment. The industry is the second largest polluter in the world, right after the oil industry. Being the second largest polluter must also mean that we can be a huge force for change. The focus on sustainable fashion is growing, and hopefully we can all contribute to more sustainable practices in our handling of fashion, whether it being as a consumer or as a business. We definitely want to contribute by focusing on the issue, practice sustainability, and give you a better idea of what sustainability means, what we are doing here at KRUG, and what you can be doing as a consumer to stay fashionable but at the same time practice sustainable consumer behaviour. 

We can start by defining what sustainability in fashion means to us:

"Developing, purchasing and wearing the clothes in a way that does no harm to the environment, animals or the people who make them, while still feeding the economy and our personal sense of identity." 



Sustainability and e-commerce

E-commerce is booming, and today you can almost find anything online. Some people may think of this as a negative development but seen from a sustainable perspective it is in fact a very positive one. It is a fact that e-commerce uses about 30% less energy on average than traditional retail. This is both good news for the environment but also good news for you if you just want to snug up under a blanket while doing your shopping. 

"A positive fact for all online shoppers: E-commerce uses about 30% less energy on average than tradition retail."


Local suppliers

We always source locally first. That being everything from our packaging, art print for our t-shirts to fabrics and furniture for our retail store in Split.



We are of course not alone in this, and we, like all other companies, need a supply chain to support us with the fabric we use for our clothes and accessories. To maintain the sustainability throughout, we make sure our suppliers take social and environmental standards seriously. We always source locally when ever possible, we screen our suppliers to minimize environmental impacts and to ensure that there is no unfair or unsafe labor that goes into making our clothes and accessories.

We always try to use only natural materials like 100% cotton but due to the comfort and feel of the clothes we also sometimes blend in polyester, viscose or elastane, which makes the fabric less wrinkly and gives the item a better flow.


Locally made

All of our designing, cutting and sewing is done locally in Split by either ourself or our collaborators in Split who are paid well after the Croatian law. We manufacture all of our products in our own factory using sustainable methods and materials.