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Jewelry brand Little Wonder unveils campaign for the new collection “Tutto Passa”

Jewelry brand Little Wonder unveils campaign for the new collection “Tutto Passa”



Jewelry designer Selma Štrkljević Mravak presents a new collection named "Tutto Passa". She found her inspiration in the marine flora and fauna, shaping her earrings, bracelets, necklaces and brooches as fins, corals, sea urchins and starfish. This time the collection also includes unisex pieces of jewelry, such as timeless silver necklaces and earrings with pendants and pearls.

The concept of ephemerality and the phrase "Tutto passa" itself, which means “Everything passes" in Italian, is not a poetic aphorism or philosophical concept, but the harsh fact that everything is changing constantly, and nothing lasts forever. This phrase can hold a positive meaning, so it can give us comfort of knowing that all those difficult situations in life will indeed come to pass eventually. However, it sometimes has a negative connotation because beautiful and happy moments are fleeting too, as well as life itself. Guided by this thought, the designer created jewelry made of silver, gold and pearls as a memento which can be kept forever in our jewelry boxes and transferred from generation to generation. The collection is designed in a manner which brings back that feeling of past summer relaxation and carefreeness. 

The collection was crafted using a lot of 925 purity silver and Baroque River pearls, as well as granulation and reticulation techniques, achieving in such way the desired texture reminiscent of stone and sand. Her unique creative signature is clearly visible in modular earrings with the removable pendant, mismatched coral-shaped statement earrings and necklaces that can be worn in several different ways, even as a belt. 

Alma Štrkljević was responsible for the concept, art direction and shooting of this unusual campaign. It was made on the islands of Mljet and Lastovo and was created spontaneously, in those carefree moments of summer relaxation. The photographer took still life photos of the jewelry pieces and collaged them with the photos of her partner. The collages contain a manipulation of colors, blue representing the sky and orange the sunset. 


Jewelry: Little Wonder

Photography: Alma Štrkljević

Welcome to Little Wonder studio

Welcome to Little Wonder studio


Have you ever wondered how the product you are holding in your hands was made? To be honest, we think about this a lot. One could say that we kind of have to, working in the field that we do, but it’s not because we have to think about it – it pops up in our minds as a natural question. It was this thinking that guided us in the right direction when establishing Krug Designer Store and we follow it through all the way to our organic gardens with self-grown vegetables, furniture and décor made by family and friends and the way we consume in our daily lives. We ask “Who made my clothes?” or “Who made this beautiful, stunningly jewelry?”. Sometimes we are lucky and we find the answer right away and sometimes we have to search longer for the answer we are looking for and sometimes it even happens that we never find it. We want to share as much with you as we can and this includes sharing the process of making our products. So, after reading this you’ll know how Selma makes her jewelry line, Little Wonder. 



Selma is the woman behind the brand Little Wonder. She started creating jewelry during her art historian studies in Zagreb and her brand Little Wonder came to life in 2010. Many people will start a business because they have a vision, an idea and they start up their project but for Selma it was something else, something bigger than that.

Little Wonder came to life all on it’s own, out of pure love, a passion and a need to create something with her own hands. She simply couldn’t help not to carry on and fulfil her need.


It is by the way not so odd that Selma went this way in life. Her whole family was in some kind of artwork. Her grandma and mother had a knitting studio in the apartment where Selma grew up and her father painted and built wooden ships in his spare time. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.        
Selma does all her jewelry on her own from her unique and homey studio situated in her house. The comfortable surroundings enable her to create her breathtaking pieces with lots of passion and heart. The inspiration can flow free and she has the calm and focus to grasp it every time it gets close to her and she is not able to resist it. When a good idea comes to her mind she gets right at it and brings it to life.

Selma uses brass, sterling silver, precious and semiprecious stones and leather in her work. It is all done by herself in Croatia or with a little bit of help from a cooperation she has with a Croatian company.

When Selma starts working on a new idea she usually starts off by making drawings, testing designs, play with the colors and shapes and before she knows it something new has come to life.

She can find her inspiration basically everywhere she goes, there’s no limit to where the inspiration come from. However, being an art historian she seeks inspiration in the nature, art, architecture, shapes and textures etc.   

More about Selma's work read in the big interview she gave for Ichtus Magazine.


 Photos: Ivona Bezmalinović


Is generation Z crazy about crystals?

Is generation Z crazy about crystals?

Our Selma Štrkljević Mravak, the designer behind the brand Little Wonder, talked with Nives Bošnjak about her relationship with minerals and crystals and the use of it in making and designing her jewelry collections. 


Selma has been using minerals in her work since the beginning but in the last two collections she used raw precious and semi precious stones such as amethyst, emeralds, peridot, sapphire, tourmaline and many more. The natural beauty of these stones and the colors they show when natural light passes through them is what attracts the designer the most to them. 

Read all about it at the link bellow.