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I have actually been a fan of KRUG ever since I stumbled upon their authentic and charming boutique store in the old town of Split back in the summer of 2014. When you enter the door you'll meet so much creativity, talent and warmth, and today I can say that it is truly an honour for me working with these 4 amazing women.
All 4 designers are not only very good friends, they know each other since their childhood where they lived in the same building, they are also co-owners of the brand KRUG, and at the same time they are 4 independent designers, who each bring that something special to KRUG.
KRUG DesignersDesigners Emina Štrkljević and Margita Videtić founded the brand Chicks on Chic in 2011, which was a bit different than what it is today...
Back then they undertook the redesign of vintage clothing, and mainly sold on Facebook. With this approach to design they got a lot of experience and they were able to be creative in a very fun matter, but the problem was that they couldn't make more than one design of each since they would use vintage clothes and then redesign them. They then came up with a new strategy for their brand, and they started to create their own clothes and hand made bags and rucksacks made of leather and textile. All their pieces are made in small batches, out of natural materials, and they have been inspired by vintage clothes and designs with a huge emphasis on details, which in themselves provide you with that particular Chicks on Chic touch.

Chicks on Chick

The fashion and costume designer Katarina Bilan also founded her brand Dott. in 2011, which is extremely dear to her, and she sees it as her life's work...
Its main characteristics are small collections comprised of eight to ten pieces of clothing, which are always interesting and compelling in cut. From the very beginning, when colours and patterns such as stripes and little dots prevailed in Katarina's work, through the latest collections, which are mostly monochromatic, the brand has kept its distinctive dose of playfulness and femininity. Her work can be found at all important fashion events and exhibitions in Croatia, such as Dan D, Zona 45, Artomat, Velesajamkulture, and she has also done several collaborations in the field of fashion and costume design.
Selma Štrkljević Mravak, sister of Emina Štrkljević behind Chicks on Chic, is the woman behind the brand Little Wonder, which is a brand well known for its statement necklaces, bracelets and earrings, all made out of natural materials such as linen, cotton, leather, industrial metals, semiprecious stones and other seemingly incompatible additions...
This eclectic mixture of different materials and patterns is what characterizes Little Wonder jewellery, which includes a range of different collections such as leather necklaces Wild Child, Dreamcatcher necklaces, Pearlfall necklaces and many others. Every piece of Little Wonder jewellery is hand made with love and great precision. The main philosophy behind the brand is a powerful impression and quality. Little Wonder jewellery is made for confident women who are not afraid to flirt with different styles but often opt for basic combinations with striking details. Selma has had, like the other designers, a lot of success with her brand. Little Wonder has been featured on the cover of Croatian Grazia, Diva magazines, the Australian Women's Health, and on the pages of British Vogue, Croatian Elle, and Croatian Grazia. In 2013 Selma presented her brand at one of the most important design exhibitions in Croatia, Dan D, where she exhibited the collection „Connection“ made in cooperation with the young and prominent Croatian designer Vedrana Mastela. In 2014 Selma was chosen among 49 designers form 21 countries to participate in the exhibition „Complete Parts“ in Shin Gallery in Manhattan, New York. In 2014 Little Wonder also exhibited at the Month of Design in Ljubljana, at the Brands and Signs exhibition.
Little Wonder
If you visit the store in Split you will not only find their own brands, but also notice works of other young Croatian artists. The reason for this, is that the designers collaborate with other artists every year. You will be able to spot illustrations, photographies and hand made pottery from eg. Mišo Komenda, Alma Štrkljević, Jelena Bando, Darija Čičmir, and Martina Bilan.
In July of 2013 the 4 designers decided to come together in a collaboration within the brand KRUG. The meaning of KRUG is a circle of friends, representing a whole, and as well a circle of good ideas flowing between the 4 designers...
Its just like that most perfect geometrical shape, like that one line, which represents the infinity of all things, and like the one that in itself is a separate, self-contained unit. The Designer Store KRUG sprung to life on a really good and solid basis of talented, creative, hard-working and united group of designers, women and friends. 
Today you can find KRUG Designer Store in the heart of the old Town, at the address Nepotova 1 in Split, Croatia...
The petit, peculiar store full of soul and atmosphere was founded in order for these four designers to present their work to their local and foreign clients in the best possible manner. They spend their days in this wonderful space within the Diocletian Palace, they spend time with their clients, teach them about their collections, share inspirations, and at the same time, they also learn from their own clients.
The interior of the store is a separate story in itself. The store is located in a space decorated with Romanesque arches and walls dated all the way back in Classical Antiquity.
In this Classical and Medieval space one can also find the olive wood originating from the family olive groves and each piece of furniture has been hand made. It is exactly this specific environment that provides a feeling of a gallery to the store, and inside of it the collections of the designers come to life...
In this heart-warming story about family and friends you really only get a glimpse of the designers, but we want you to get to know them a lot better, so stay tuned, and we will keep you posted with behind the scenes details.
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