Visit Split at the Adriatic coast in Croatia

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When we talk about our world in terms of our big passion for designing and for what we have build together with our brand KRUG, and are still building on, we also have to talk about our roots and where we come from. As you probably already know KRUG is situated in the almost magical and spectacular old town of Split in Croatia. This little peace of heaven on earth is absolutely stunning and we couldn't be more grateful to live here. If you ever find yourself wandering around in the narrow, cobbled streets of Split, we would be more than happy to welcome you into our store for a chat or to tell you more about our collections and the collaborations we have with other amazing artists in town. If you would like to know more about our store you can also read about it right here on our website. In addition you can read about us as designers, who we are and what our brands stand for. 
In case you are planning a trip to Split in the near future maybe we could be of assistance and guide you a bit in the right direction with tips to a wonderful stay in this historical Dalmatian city.
Visit Split at the Adriatic coast in Croatia
If you want to experience how the Dalmatian life is really lived you should definitely visit Croatia’s second-largest city, Split.
The city is always buzzing and it has the perfect balance of tradition and modernity.
A lot of young, energetic people are staying here during the summer and they give the city that extra sparkle with their innovative thinking and new business ideas to make the city even more drawing to visitors. Each year you will notice new fantastic restaurants, boutiques etc.
Visit Split at the Adriatic coast in Croatia
Diocletian Palace 
However, the first thing that will probably catch your eye is the Diocletian Palace, one of the most imposing Roman ruins in existence, which no one visiting Split can avoid seeing. It is a Unesco World Heritage site and the place you will spend most of your time while in Split. It is not a palace in the words original meaning, nor a museum, it’s the city’s living heart and inside the palace with its labyrinthine streets you will see so many bars, restaurants and shops that you won’t even know, which of these amazing places to drop into first. The palace is mind-blowing and the atmosphere even so. The old Roman walls tell so many stories and we are so lucky to be right in the heart of this historic monument. It was built in the 4th century as a military fortress, imperial residence and fortified town. It is super easy to find your way out or into the palace as each wall has a gate at its center named after a metal: The Golden Gate (north), Bronze Gate (south), Silver Gate (east) and Iron Gate (west). While walking around the narrow streets you’ll find hidden passageways and courtyards, some with music from bars and cafes, while the local residents hang out their washing overhead, children playing football in the middle of the ancient walls, and grannies sit in their windows watching the action below. There are actually 220 buildings within the palace boundaries, home to about 3000 people.       
Split offers even more than history, a vibrant atmosphere and sensational gastronomy. The dramatic coastal mountains act as the perfect backdrop to the turquoise waters of the Adriatic and gives the city a unique setting. You can easily combine a beach- and city holiday.
Diocletian Palace in Split Croatia
Visit the old town in Split in the Diocletian Palace
Visit the old town inside the Diocletian Palace in Split Croatia
Visit the old town inside the Diocletian Palace in Split Croatia
The Riva
On the south facade of the Diocletian Palace you’ll find the vibrant meeting point of the city, The Riva, which is also known to be the most popular and important public place in Split. It is truly blessed with the most spectacular set, and you’ll find yourself wandering up and down the promenade at night trying to obtain all the breathtaking sceneries. When walking on the promenade you have the Franciscan monastery with the church of St. Francis on the west end of the Palace, and the Bajamonti Dešković Palace and last but not least the Port Authorities building on the east end. 
Church in Split Croatia
The Riva is only for pedestrians, which makes it a heaven for evening strolls up and down the promenade, all the way down to the harbour where all the big yachts are resting for the night. The place is full of cafés and restaurants, the perfect place for a delightful morning coffee, afternoon snack or having drinks with your friends in the evening. Maybe you are even so lucky that you can catch a cultural event or some entertainment as this is the stage of the city life of Split.  
The Riva in Split at the Adriatic coast in Croatia
Walk along the promenade The Riva in Split Croatia
Cathedral of St. Domnius
Inside the Diocletian Palace the Cathedral of St. Domnius stand tall and strong. The cathedral, built in AD 305 as the Mausoleum of Diocletian, is the most visited sight in Split and this is no wonder. It is the best-preserved ancient Roman building standing today, as well as the second oldest structure used by any Christian Cathedral and the imposing bell-tower is considered the emblem of the city.
Visit the Cathedral of St. Domnius situated inside the Diocletian Palace in Split Croatia
Visit the Cathedral of St. Domnius situated inside the Diocletian Palace in Split Croatia
Visit the Cathedral of St. Domnius situated inside the Diocletian Palace in Split Croatia
Marjan Hill forest park
The place to be when you need to get away from the buzzing city life, especially in the high season where it can be a bit crowded in the old town. Marjan Hill is also known to be the lungs of the city and offers a hilly nature reserve with trails through fragrant pine forests to scenic lookouts, medieval chapels and cave dwellings. If you need a break from the city consider walking alongside the Adriatic until you reach the nature reserve. Alternatively, you could rent a bike and go for one of the bike routes around the park. Either way, you can make a stop at the Kašjuni beach to cool off before catching the bus back, walking back or biking back. If you prefer, you can do a lot of stops during your trip because this part of Split is rich on beaches situated on the south side of Marjan peninsula.
Some popular beaches to visit on the Marjan Hill
  • Bene, a stone beach on the south side of Marjan. Accessible by public transport (car only with a special pass). There are showers and changing rooms. It’s one of the most popular Split beaches in this part of the city.
  • Jezinac, a pebble beach, with concrete and roofed over. There are showers and changing rooms. Bar, restaurant and kiosk nearby.
  • Kasjuni, a stone and gravel beach on the south side. Car access possible.
  • Kastelet, a pebble beach on the south side. Car access possible. There are showers and changing rooms. Restaurants nearby.
  • Zvoncac, a pebble beach on the south side of Marjan, is the nearest to the city town.
You can use Zvoncac-Bene-Zvoncac  bus line number 12 urban public transport.
Meštrović Gallery
On your way to the Marjan Hill you will pass this jaw-dropping gallery. It is absolutely worth a visit and the view from the gallery overlooking the Adriatic ocean is breathtaking. At this stellar art museum, you’ll see a comprehensive, well-arranged collection of works by Ivan Meštrović, Croatia’s premier modern sculptor, who built the gallery as a personal residence in the 1930s. Although Meštrović intended to retire here, he emigrated to the USA soon after WWII. Admission includes entry to the nearby Kaštelet, a fortress housing other Meštrović works.
Visit Meštrović Gallery in Split Croatia
Restaurants to recommend
  • Hotel Park for the best breakfast buffet and it is even situated right down to the beach so you can go for a relaxing swim after the amazing Dalmatian breakfast.
  • Wine & Cheese Bar Paradox for a nice evening out with friends. It is just a few meters from the Diocletian Palace and it sums of atmosphere and here you'll for sure get some of the best appetizer's and wines in the city.
  • Dvor is not right in the city center but it is not far away either. You can walk here if you take the beach side. There is a wonderful view over the ocean and you can sit outside surrounded by the nature. The food is on a higher level and we can especially recommend having a desert here. Walk here in the afternoon, and then you can burn off the calories on the way back.
  • Perivoj has the same owners as Dvor but its located more in the city center and is also a bit cheaper than Dvor. When you walk into their garden you feel like you are way outside the city and you get hit by that blissful feeling. Their food is mouth-watering and you really can't stop once you get started. Fortunately they offer a tasting menu so you can have a bit of everything.
  • Bokeria is situated right in the heart of the city in the old town. It is a buzzing wine bar where they really know their wines. Their food menu is limited but everything on the menu explodes in your mouth and together with the wine it just doesn't get any better than that.
  • F-Marine is the perfect stop for a cocktail while walking on the promenade at night. They have open the whole day so you can always drop by for a drink or some food. They have a great selection of fish dishes and they are right on the promenade so you can sit in the sofas watching people walking by or the huge yachts right in front of the restaurant. 
We hope you will come and visit us in Split and explore the city on your own. It is truly worth a visit and we are not just saying this because it is our city:)
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