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Workshop of Little Wonder

Workshop of Little Wonder

Have you ever wondered how the product you are holding in your hands was made? To be honest, we think about this a lot. One could say that we kind of have to, working in the field that we do, but it’s not because we have to think about it – it pops up in our minds as a natural question. It was this thinking that guided us in the right direction when establishing Krug Designer Store and we follow it through all the way to our organic gardens with self-grown vegetables, furniture and décor made by family and friends and the way we consume in our daily lives. We ask “Who made my clothes?” or “Who made this beautiful, stunningly jewelry?”. Sometimes we are lucky and we find the answer right away and sometimes we have to search longer for the answer we are looking for and sometimes it even happens that we never find it. We want to share as much with you as we can and this includes sharing the process of making our products. So, after reading this you’ll know how Selma makes her jewelry line, Little Wonder. 

Selma is the woman behind the brand Little Wonder. She started creating jewelry during her art historian studies in Zagreb and her brand Little Wonder came to life in 2010. Many people will start a business because they have a vision, an idea and they start up their project but for Selma it was something else, something bigger than that.

Little Wonder came to life all on it’s own, out of pure love, a passion and a need to create something with her own hands. She simply couldn’t help not to carry on and fulfil her need.

Little Wonder and Selma and her workshop

It is by the way not so odd that Selma went this way in life. Her whole family was in some kind of artwork. Her grandma and mother had a knitting studio in the apartment where Selma grew up and her father painted and built wooden ships in his spare time. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.        
Selma does all her jewelry on her own from her unique and homey studio situated in her house. The comfortable surroundings enable her to create her breathtaking pieces with lots of passion and heart. The inspiration can flow free and she has the calm and focus to grasp it every time it gets close to her and she is not able to resist it. When a good idea comes to her mind she gets right at it and brings it to life.

Selma has a passion, a need and a lot of love for what she does

In this workshop Little Wonder is being made

Selma get's her inspiration for Little Wonder from basically everywhere Sometimes Selma get's some help with Little Wonder from her husband Shime

Selma’s husband Shime is geologist and together they have a ravishing collection of minerals. It happens from time to time that they go into the workspace together and develop a piece or two to the collection Selma is currently working on. Off course it can’t be all work and folding out new ideas so in the breaks they throw themselves over a game of pinball. Especially Shime is a huge pinball enthusiast and it usually helps the creativity to do something totally different and let the brain get some rest as well.

Taking a break from Little Wonder with a game of pinball

In Little Wonder Workshop Selma and Shime have a collection of minerals

Shime is geologist so in the workshop of Little Wonder there is a collection of minerals

Selma sitting in her workshop of Little Wonder jewelry

Little Wonder jewelry on a pin ball table 

Selma uses brass, which she cuts and polishes by hand, leather, semiprecious stones and galvanized metal components in her work. It is all done by herself in Croatia or with a little bit of help from a cooperation she has with a Croatian company.

When selma starts working on a new idea she usually starts off by making drawings, testing designs, play with the colours and shapes and before she knows it something new has come to life.

She can find her inspiration basically everywhere she goes, there’s no limit to where the inspiration come from. However, being an art historian she seeks inspiration in the nature, art, architecture, shapes and textures etc.   

Little Wonder and the workshop of Selma

Little Wonder is made in Selma's workshop

Leather is used for some of Selma'a jewelry for the brand Little Wonder

Selma and Shime have a beautiful baby boy named Maks. A usual working day for Selma starts with a full and healthy breakfast with her adorable little family. When Maks falls asleep, Selma will start her work on Little Wonder. She will go to her home studio and work on orders and create new stuff. While listening to music she has fun creating and being creative.

After some work, she will cook lunch, prepared from their organic garden with vegetables, wine and olive oil.

Selma truly feels blessed with all the Mediterranean has to offer and she couldn’t wish for better surroundings for her creative mind and her second baby Little Wonder.

Selma and Shime have an organic garden with olive oil, wine and vegetables

Little Wonder was featured in the Australian Women's Health and the British Vogue

Little Wonder in the workshop



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80% of garment workers are WOMEN - Do you know who made your clothes?

The 4 designers behind KRUG are all women and very proud to be so. We empower women and fight the battle for equality and basic human rights for everyone, whether that being women, men, black or white, homosexual, transexual or heterosexual. All human beings are entitled to the same basic rights. 

March for women's rights - International women's Day


On the 08th of March women all over the world celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for improving the inequality between men and women that are still there. The day stands for all of us as a reminder of never giving up the battle.   
"The story of women's struggle for equality belongs to no single feminist nor to any one organization but to the collective efforts of all who care about human rights," says world-renowned feminist, journalist and social and political activist Gloria Steinem. With these words, we can say that International Women's Day is about unity, celebration, reflection, advocacy and action – which of course will look different on a global level from country to country and locally. No matter where you come from one thing is for sure, International Women's Day has been taken place for well over a century - and continues to grow in strength.
International Women’s Day is important because the battle has not yet been won. In some countries, we see more equality than in others, which is also understandable since we grow in different pace, but there is still globally some way to go and we must stand together as a unit to someday reach our goal. The International Women’s Day is a reminder for us that we have to celebrate the accomplishments but also a day to reflect and take action on the remaining issues.  

International Women's Day - fighting the battle for equal rights for all human beings


It all began many years ago in the well-known and popular city New York. Debate and unrest was occurring amongst women after years of feeling suppressed and the obvious inequality. So, in 1908, 15.000 women marched through the streets of New York City with a clear message and demands for the future. They wanted shorter hours, better pay and voting rights.
There have been different dates since 1908, where the International Women’s Day has been celebrated but then in 1913 the International Women’s Day was transferred to the 08th of March and this day has remained the global date for International Women’s Day ever since.

International women's Day - 80% of all garment workers are women


One might think that all the battles have been won and we have achieved total equality. Unfortunately, this is not quite the case. The fact is that women all around the world are still not paid equally to that of men, are still not present in equal numbers in business or politics, and on a global view women’s education, health and the violence against them is worse than that of men. However, we should not look at it as a half empty glass but as a half full glass. Women have paved the way since 1908 and achieved goals no one thought possible back when it all started. Today we have female astronauts, prime ministers, school girls are welcome into university, women can work and have a family at the same time and women do have real choices today.
We must beat the obstacles on our way to equality and believe that we can do it. We at KRUG believe very strongly in equal rights for both men and women and we also demand these rights. We are powerful women with families and a career. With the right balance and teamwork, we make it work with own business, cooking, bringing/picking up children etc. We also think that it gives your relationship so much more depth when you can exchange the daily findings and experiences with each other.

On the 08th of March women all over the world celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women.



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Mother’s Day gift

Mother’s Day gift

Do you want to find the perfect Mother’s Day gift, but just haven’t found it yet? We hope that we can help you in the right direction and maybe you even find the perfect gift right here on our store.

Maybe you are the husband of the mother, your children are still too young to go buy a gift themselves, or maybe you are a sweet and caring child, who wants to give your mom the best Mother’s Day gift ever. Whatever your relationship is to this lucky woman, we will give you our guide to the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

But let's just start off by determine where this tradition come from? England was actually one of the first countries to take a day out of the calendar to celebrate mothers. In the eighteenth century, many people were working as household servants for the rich and didn’t see their families as much as they would want to. “Mothering Sunday” was therefore reserved for them to return home to be with their mothers. The tradition was however put on hold for a while when the Industrial Revolution changed the working and living patterns of the people but came back again – just like fashion trends – in the twentieth century and has stayed a tradition ever since.

Some follow the tradition of serving their mothers breakfast in bed, others give their mothers gifts, which they have made themselves or bought in a store. Don’t forget the red carnations, which are the official Mother’s Day flower.

The red carnations would probably not be a surprise but they are a safe choice and all mother's would appreciate them. If you want to do something exceptional and no at all expected you could go for a statement jewellery. Little Wonder has something for every style and personality. We know our mother's and what they would go for in a jewellery and we are ready to share this knowledge with you. 

The Norma necklace is the no. 1 favourite among our mother's. Maybe it would be something for your mother as well?

The geometrical Norma necklace was inspired by constellation Norma and the hidden lines between the stars. The meaning of its name is ”normal”, which refers to a right angle representing either a level, a set square, a rule, or a carpenter’s square. It's the perfect Mother's Day gift because it's a piece full of stories hidden in the lines just as your relationship probably has a ton of stories, of which some are stories to tell and others will stay hidden in the lines.

Gold edition rutilated quartz: made of hand-cut, hand polished and galvanized brass and rutilated quartz.

A handcuff bracelet is also a great gift for mother's Day. It can be combined with a lot of different styles and it can even be mixed and matched with all of the other Little Wonder bracelets.

The no. 1 edition of the handcuff pattern bracelet is made of African batik cotton with galvanized metal components and leather tassel.

The no. 1 edition of the handcuff pattern bracelet is made of African batik cotton with galvanized metal components and leather tassel.


The no. 12 edition of the handcuff bracelet is made of cognac brown leather with galvanized metal components and aventurine.

Handcuff bracelet no. 12 by Little Wonder

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