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Trends of the season

Trends of the season

Every season we have something new to look forward to and it's always exciting to see the new trends strolling down the runway, being worn by the stunningly beautiful models.

You might think that trends in the fashion industry are totally original inventions, which has sprung to life in the hands of very creative designers but often we see trends getting a comeback after years on hold. They have been tucked away in our closets and now it's time to reorder the pieces and let the ones in the back get the front seat, for a while at least. The come-back trends often come with minor modifications so that they fit to the modern World and here the designers deliver their unique take on them.   

A sustainable tip for all sustainable fashion lovers; buy quality pieces and don't throw them away when it's not trendy anymore.

If you buy high quality and take good care of the items you will also be able to keep them looking fresh for longer. In this way, you can stock up your favourite pieces and save them till they get trendy all over again. The older generations have been incredible good in not throwing things away and this goes for their closet as well. I love going through my mom's closet because I always end up finding some gold treasures that are back and so in!

Now, let's have a look at some of the trends right now. The first piece I want to introduce to you are the pants, but not just any pants. First of all, we have to make it clear that pants can be just as dramatic and eye-catching as a dress, plus they have this amazing advantage of being as relaxed as your favourite pair of jeans. The designers have turned to the pant for this season and have created some striking silhouettes for us to show off. They come in neutral shades, soft fabrics to ensure that each extreme shape is always easy to wear.       

The Bucket Waist

The bucket waist is the first trend on the runway for pants. You get to emphasize the waist when wearing the wide pants. Tuck in fine knitwear, or style them with a cropped top, and don´t forget to wear your high block heels to elongate the legs.

The bucket waist is one of this seasons new trends


The Cropped Pants

The crop pants is the second trend that we at KRUG Store want you to know about. With cropped pants you are cleverly letting your legs appear longer.

The cropped pants are one of this seasons new trends


The Oversized Cardigan

It's all about comfort this season and what could be more comfortable than an oversized cardigan? The cardigan has gone through years of grandpa associations and we have only thrown it on for comfort in the safe-haven of our home, but now those days are finally over and the oversized cardigan is back on the list of cool and trendy pieces. You can get them fringed, textured, colourful and in big proportions. Wear the rejuvenated piece over slip dresses with boots, or with a camisole and wide-leg pants. You should treat the cardigan as a jacket, but remember to belt tightly to avoid it overwhelming you. 

The oversized cardigan or kimono is one of this seasons new trends


Red Is the COLOUR

Last, but not least, we are pleased to announce that red is the colour of the season. It is the new neutral when it comes to accessories and after all, it does truly work with all the classic shades like white, black, navy, gray, khaki etc. and who doesn't already have a palette of pieces in these colours? With this colour you will add a glimpse of joy to any outfit as we move into early spring.   

The red color for accessories is one of this seasons new trends

The red color for accessories is one of this seasons new trends

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Copenhagen Fashion Summit

Copenhagen Fashion Summit

The first time I met with the designers in Split to discuss a possible role for me creating their website and managing the marketing that comes with it, they told me that they were really pleased about me being danish because they love the Scandinavian style and of course the fact that we in Scandinavia have a lot of focus on sustainability. It made me really proud and it also made me think of all the ways we in Scandinavia focus on the subject. One event stood out for me and this is an event where countries from all around the world get together in Copenhagen to discuss sustainability in the fashion industry and what can be done to improve it. All 4 designers at KRUG builds their designs on a sustainable basis. You can read more about how we practise sustainability at KRUG. 

Copenhagen Fashion Summit had their first event in 2009 and since then the event has been an annual one with the next one coming up on the 11th of May 2017. It is an extraordinary event being the world's largest on sustainability in fashion. The event gathers international key players from the fashion industry. As well as experts, NGO's, opinion makers, media and politicians. For the Copenhagen Fashion Summit in 2016 more than 1.200 industry professionals from 52 countries participated and gave their contribution to this amazing event.

The non-profit organization is there to inspire, motivate and is a hub for knowledge sharing. Eva Kruse, the CEO of Danish Fashion Institute, points out that the fashion industry is a very powerful communications tool and therefore everyone working in this field has an obligation to use this tool in a positive manner. Very few people really wants to hear about the windmill industry or the oil industry because it is simply not relating to our daily lives, but the fashion industry is all around us and we love to listen to the leaders in the fashion industry. It is a "sexy" industry and we therefore have the opportunity to reach out to people and influence what they see as hot or not. We more or less have the say in whether or not sustainability is a matter to be concerned about or not. This leaves us a big responsibility and one that we have to take upon us.   



The UK based department store Selfridges was one of the companies discussing sustainability on the stage in the 2016 Copenhagen Fashion Summit. In the same year they were awarded the world's best sustainability campaign by a department store at the global department store summit. What Selfridges does different, and truly inspiring, is that they make their store a social centre and not just a shopping centre.

"A store should be a social centre, not merely a place for shopping" - Harry Gordon Selfridge

Their take on sustainability is; "Buying better, inspiring change", which they live out to its fullest in cooperation with their brand partners who comply with their values. "Buying Better" ensures that their brand partners meet certain standards on ethical trade, promotes best practise and champions new brands with a sustainable focus.

Selfridges, where sustainability meets creativity and everyone is welcome

Selfridges "Buying Better" stands for;

  • NO fur
  • NO endangered fish
  • NO foie gras
  • NO single-use plastic water bottles
  • NO plastic carrier bags
  • NO squalene 

Selfridges is the second largest shop in the UK after Harrods and it has enormous power to influence the people. Their project Ocean in 2015 shows just that, where reusable water bottles become a must-have fashion accessory. 

"We want to use our position to inspire our people, partners and customers to respect our environment, buy responsibly and champion sustainable products that contribute to healthy and happy communities. In short, we want to buy better and inspire change." - Anne Pitcher, Managing Director Buying Better


C&A Foundation and The Freedom Fund

At the 2016 Copenhagen Fashion Summit the C&A Foundation held a Dance Deal. For every dance, C&A Foundation donated 50 Euros to the Freedom Fund, which identifies and invests in the most effective frontline efforts to end slavery in the countries and industries where it is most common. 1.000 people danced for a good cause and in the end C&A Foundation donated 25.000,- Euros to the Freedom Fund.

There are an estimated 45.6 million people in modern slavery today. 


Copenhagen Fashion Summit 2017

I can't wait to hear about the outcomes for the 2017 Copenhagen Fashion Summit that takes place on the 11th of May at Copenhagen Concert Hall. The theme for the 2017 Summit is commitment to change, which means that they will present both tangible outcomes and call to action. They will make a toolbox achievable not just by the Summit participants but also a broad range of companies globally. The progress on the commitments will be tracked and reported back every year at the Summit to ensure that change is made. I am certain that we can learn a lot from these summits and we at KRUG will for sure take it all in and get even better contributors to the sustainable fashion industry. You can already now read about our view on what we as consumers can do to make a difference by changing your laundry routines or how we view the effect that fast fashion has on the world today.


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We are fans of...

We are fans of...

...A whole lot of amazing people, but we don't wont to bore you in any way with non-relevant information about how big fans we are of our mothers or the awesome invention of Netflix, so we will only share our absolute top favourites in the fashion industry.

We love how sustainable fashion has become increasingly important in the industry. It is not only necessary for us as consumers to notice the need for more sustainable practices in the fashion industry, it is crucial for the trendsetters, the brands with high impact on the industry, and the people working in the industry in general to notice this need, and most important to act on it. Although the industry has been aware of the low sustainability that has been going on for decades, since fast fashion got a hold of the industry, they have done little or none to increase the level of sustainable practises. We therefore applaud everyone trying to make the industry healthy again, and we acknowledge our part of this movement as well.

In fact it is thought that designers influence about 80-90% of the environmental and economic impact of a product. 

Here comes our top 7 we love to follow


We applaud the blogger Jen Brownlie on her simple approach to sustainable living. She inspires with her tips and tricks, which we can all imitate and bring into our own lives. She is out there, and doing it all in a very natural way, a very personal way, and it makes her so likeable and trustworthy. We love Jen Brownlie. Check out her blog Tartan Brunette.  


Nikki Stear kicks ass with her blog, and well, yes... she is just kicking ass in general. She shows that you can still be fashionable and chich although you go the eco-friendly way. We definitely think so as well! She even founded the Live Eco Remake Design Challenge, which is a sustainable design competition where students and emerging designers are being challenged to create mainstream clothing and objects, but the important sidekick of this competition is that they have to do this in a sustainable manner adhering to sustainable design principles and eliminating waste in their production methods. Go check out her newest thoughts on sustainable eco-friendly fashion on her blog Live Eco


Summer Edwards is committed to the work of social change. She covers a broad spectrum of topics in the sustainable industry with her main focus on social change for the better. It is obvious that she has done a lot of research that has enabled her to write such alluring, inspiring stories. We are in particular drawn to her blog about slow beauty and why we should buy sustainable fashion. Read her latest stories right here on Tortoise & Lady Grey.    


Kasi writes about ethical fashion for the mainstream consumer, and she really has something to tell. She used to work in luxury fashion marketing, but she got burnt out on the extreme highs and lows of luxury and fast fashion. She investigates, critique and add meaningful reflection to the fashion conversation. She gives the industry back the intellect it truely deserves.Read about her findings on her blog The Peahen.  


Kate Arnell is all about going green; organic/Biodynamic, Zero Waste, Eco, and Sustainable. She is genuine, and she really just wants to share her knowledge and discoveries with you. She thinks cradle to cradle, instead of cradle to grave. Read about her discoveries on Eco Boost - ´cos green looks good on you. 


This blog is full of stylish ideas, that make it easier for you to start a greener way of life without having to compromise on style. The editors idea with the blog is not to dramatically change your lifestyle, but it's about making small changes to our mindset in the way we view and buy products. She nails it by saying that it’s all about small little steps to stop wasting so much, and to start investing in our future. Instead of buying tons of clothes for a cheap price, throwing most of it out again the year after, we should rather buy qualitative clothes that will last, maybe not forever, but for a very long time. Read more on the The Eco Style Editor.


Last but not least we have our eyes on Strawberry Earth. They inspire you to make social and green choices, and they cover a lot of influential green fashion events. Read about all the latest green inspiration from Strawberry Earth.  

We hope you enjoyed reading this post, and got a lot of new inspiration from these creative, green, eco-friendly, and sustainable bloggers. 


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