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Little Wonder

Libra earrings silver

Libra earrings silver

The Libra earrings are from the collection Hidden Lines by Selma, which is inspired by constellations and hidden lines between the stars. What a romantic image! And hey, lets be honest, we all need love and we all need to dream from time to time. Imagine going on a summer date that lasts the whole day, without you even realizing that it's getting cooler, darker, and the crowd who was sorrounding you at the beach just a minute ago has suddenly gone home. You could stay forever on your picnic blanket, watching the sun set, drinking champagne, holding hands, and as a perfect end to the date (or start, depending on how you look at it), you watch the dark rise and all the beautiful twinkling stars, just like a painting you could look at for eternity. You don't want the night to end, but just hold on tight to the memories, and the hidden lines between the stars.

Libra earrings are made of hand-cut and galvanized brass, quartz and sterling silver.

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