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The Bellevue earrings - labradorite, rose quartz and gold

The Bellevue earrings - labradorite, rose quartz and gold

The statement earrings from the Bellevue line are handmade by our very own and very talented jewellery designer Selma. She designed this line with a special inspiration in mind, the ceiling of the charming and antique Hotel Bellevue in Split, right at the hot spot of The Riva. If only ceilings could talk… but we will have to imagine what this masterpiece would tell us if it could. We think it would tell a story so sparkly topped with lots of glitter and glam. Imagine strolling alongside the promenade in Split, or any other promenade for that matter, wearing your sun hat and your stunningly beautiful dress is swirling in the summer breeze. You listen to the sound of laughter, the relaxing sound of the waves and the feeling of calmness, strength and confidence within yourself. The Bellevue earrings are our interpretation of what the ceiling of Hotel Bellevue would be telling us if only it could. They make the perfect match to a flirtatious summer day.

    • Made of hand-cut, hand polished and 24K gold plated brass, labradorite, rose quartz and gold plated sterling silver.
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